Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Pictures from Slovenia

Above: On the Pletna - Robert rows us back from the island, Ethan naps
Above: Pletna race!
Above: Pat makes a wish and rings the bell; Brad looks skeptical
Above: At the top of the 99 stairs!
Above: Pletna's are usually named after the owner's daughter - Vanja is Robert's sister since the first owner of this Pletna was his dad. Castle is barely visible on the misty cliff.


Five said...

We have really enjoyed reading the blog and appreciate the time it takes to put it together. Thanks so much for doing it, Mr. B. It has been very...satisfing! The girls have been reading it too and comparing the experience with their respective trips. We are looking forward to Andrew's arrival back home. His chores have really been piling up! HA!
Safe travels,

Kaveboy said...

Yes, it has been great reading the blog. Thanks a million Mr. B.