Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Finally, it's the day before. Our flight leaves on Wednesday at 6:45 PM, arriving at Heathrow airport on Thursday at 11:25 AM, where Rens, our bus, a busy afternoon, and maybe a bit of London rain await us!


LondonLove said...
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LondonLove said...

I still can't believe we didn't go to England last year when it was all Austin and I talked about!
Ha just kidding I hope you have tons of fun in the best country in the world.

aazam said...

Europe 2007 was a great experiance for everyone who went including my self. Mr. Bresett and Mr. Johnson, please remember us when ur in europe and i would just like to say thanks for a great trip. Many good times some bad times but overall a great trip! Just like to say thanks again! Ur beating our record of 7 countries in 16 days eh?! Well hope you have a great time and keep us posted. Say hi to Rens from all of us please! Take care!
P.S. Mr. Bresett, you still have space for me in ur luggage? haha

rhenpendragon said...

Nice daddy exept when are you going to post something
(oh yeah im at school so mama probably didnt even drive you to the airport!)

Emily said...

I've been praying that you guys are having a safe flight. It's too bad that the grade 12 group won't meet up with you there. Be safe and enjoy the trip - it's amazing and you won't regret it. =D

Bresett, how goes getting wireless signals? Is it worth bringing a laptop to Europe?

Cathy said...

Hi to Gina and Sarah from Jack and Cathy at home. Have a great time

Kaveboy said...

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a pretty un eventfull flight.
Have fun and take lots of pics.
I think that you may all benafit from my own regrets of my traves so I'm going to post my "Travel advice of every other day"
Todays tip:
If you're not sure if you sould buy something ask your self "when will I be back here?

rhen_mags said...

hi did you like the train ride!?

dfroc said...

I am vicariously enjoying your blog, Craig! What fun you seem to be having & what incredible energy everyone seems to possess! Best Wishes for a continued safe trip! Sherri Froc